Wladimir Kulmann

Experience Design

963€ / day or 123€ / hour



Becoming your true self begins once you realize, your sole purpose is to provide value to others. Facilitating this realization for as many as possible is pivotal.


Smart Moms

Started 2019 / Ongoing

Web App Development

For UKE Hamburg and FU Berlin


Postpartum Depression poses a serious threat to mothers and children and should not be confused with baby blues. Postpartum Depression affects 1 in 7 women but can be treated easily if diagnosed early; chances of recovery are high. The problem is most affected women are not diagnosed. 


The clients asked me to develop a postpartum depression prevention web app for the public domain from start to finish: concept, illustrations, audio production, animated short, CI, UI, code and CMS. The final product is online for testing and shows good results. Vulnerable woman benefit from this free and inclusive tool every day. 


Big Picture

Finished 08.2021

Recruitment Campaign

For Iko Osnabrück


Iko is a world class restaurant and has been listed in the Guide Michelin. However, the staff struggled to find suitable newcomers in order to grow. Mainly because previous campaigns tried too hard to be in line with Iko’s clean aesthetic and did not speak to a younger crowd.


I approached them with a mood board of poster designs that would nicely scale down to a business card and attached some of my previous works. The final product features a young person leaping over a QR code. Reminiscent of a Studio Ghibli scene, the person is surrounded by all kinds of high cuisine items gently flying along. 

Look Within

Selected Works

Various Posters


Creative Practice

Creativity gives me balance and identity. I remember falling in love with Illustrator while making my first fonts 20 years ago and I am at it to this day. A selection of my work will soon be available though my own publishing house. 

Cotton Candy

Drops FW 2021

Organic Streetwear Brand


Streetwear With a Conscience

Most pieces are made of organic cotton. They are designed for you to expand in abundance, success, and love every day, as you inspire those around you to do the same. Available in fall 2021.


Finished 2016

Executive Producer

For Woodwork Records

Electronic Music Production

Playing piano as a child made me curious about electronic music very early: I remember fiddling around with a program on our home computer for days before eliciting the first bleeps from it. Fast forward to 2014 where I own a record label and publish electronica on vinyl. My debut EP was sold out quickly and to over 30 countries. 

Fast Forward

Finished 2015

Art Direction

For Tony Petersen Film


Working as a Junior Art Director at Tony Petersen Film with Thomas Garber, I delivered one of the best pitch decks of my life for VWs new e‑mobility flagship, the Golf GTE… and we won. The best part was how uncannily close the final film was to our pitch. Many successful pitches came after.

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